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The Rabbit's Tail

As we prepare to close up the year of the rabbit in the Chinese calendar, I am opening up a new practice called "White Rabbit Counseling". It seems sort of poetic really. I was inspired by this rabbit figure a few years back while reading "Before the Sword" (Grace Lin, 2020). In the story a mythical rabbit accompanies the book's main character, Hua Mulan, as she undertakes a perilous adventure to save her sister from a poisonous (or is it venomous...I get these things so confused?) spider bite. At the beginning of her journey, Mulan must rely heavily upon the white rabbit until Mulan finally comes into her own power. Sometimes the client-therapist relationship mirrors this.

So here we are at the tail end of 2023 chasing a rabbit into a new year. You and I may have different plans during this particular earth orbit, but maybe you are a bit nervous too. It doesn't do us any good to deny what is showing up, and I'm not good at faking it. Here we are. Here we are.

What do you most want for yourself in 2024? As a wise mentor of mine once said, "Doubt yourself and do it anyways." Hare (haha) we are. Here we are.

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